RoboFriends React

A simple React app – Built for my Complete Web Developer course.

This is a simple React.js framework application utilizing a few outside APIs to create a stateful web application. Utilizing the APIs from JSONPlaceholder for user information and RoboHash for user images. Style for the page makes use of the Tachyons framework.

This was the first application that I’ve built using React.js, and as such is simple but responsive. Starting from the create-react-app package, the code was written along with the course in JavaScript/JSX. The search and title stay on screen regardless of size, and the number of cards across will change based on width. The app dynamically draws only the cards that are applicable to the content in the search box.

See the application in action deployed on Heroku.
View the code for this project on my GitHub.

Search filters by name

RoboFriends search filtering

Responsive, using React and Tachyons

RoboFriends scales to tablet and phone sizes

React, Tachyons