Hi, my name's Josh

I’m a graphic designer and web developer in Calgary, Alberta

Graphic Design

Graphic design has long been something of a passion of mine, even before I knew what it was. Typography and layout fascinate me. I find myself drawn toward clean, modern design fundamentals. I’m well versed in production techniques and pair my eye for detail with a sense of the big picture to create.

Web Development

Development has always been a bit of a hobby curiosity of mine that I’ve taken the initiative to formally learn. I’m focussing my learning on full stack web development. Through my design career, I’ve had the opportunity to work a bit on basic front end development and decided to grow from there. Becoming a parent was a part of my drive to study to become a web developer. In my 10 years of graphic design, I’ve learned much better what my strengths and preferences are. This directed me to exploring this other path altogether.


Web Developer Bootcamp Colt Steele 2019

Graphic Design Diploma The Art Institute of Vancouver 2008

Let’s be fair, most designer about blurbs that people write are similar. So here’s something a little less professional

I’ve got a growing family consisting of my partner, our toddler, a newborn, and a tabby cat. Our two kids receive most of my free time, with some sectioned off for my partner. We’ve been enjoying the discovery that comes with raising kids and finding their interests. At this point in parenthood, I’m sure it’s one sided, but my family elicits joy from me constantly. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to spend a lot of time with my family recently, cherishing every quiet and crazy moment of it.

With my family and friends my hobbies include board games and tabletop RPGs. The task of teaching falls to me, which you think would mean I have an advantage, but I don’t. Everyone else claims victory more than me. Still fun and worth it. I don’t currently have a regular RPG group (though, I’m hoping to get the kids into it one day), but have run some long-term campaigns. My favorite being was a year and a half long game I planned and ran in a the Numenera system.