RESTful blog

A simple blog app – Built for my Web Developer Bootcamp course.

Built on a Mongo/Express/Node stack, utilizing RESTful architecture with the Bulma CSS framework for styling. This is a simple personal blogging web application used to learn RESTful routes and concepts. It also gave me the chance to explore the Bulma framework to quickly style a page. The app connects to MongoDB Atlas (a cloud-based noSQL database) to hold the post data.

Much of this project was coded without referencing the course materials other than the initial routing outline (see in the project folder). After I had gone through the full set of routes, I returned to the coursework to compare mine. I then did a further pass over my code to enhance it and clean it up with additional things I learned through the course.

See the application in action deployed on Heroku.
View the code for this project on my GitHub.

Responsive design, using the Bulma CSS framework

Blog index page ![Blog index page responsive to tablet size](/img/codefolio/restfulBlog/RESTful_Index Tablet.jpg “Blog index page responsive to tablet size”) ![Blog index page responsive to phone size](/img/codefolio/restfulBlog/RESTful_Index phone.jpg “Blog index page responsive to phone size”)

RESTful design architecture with all basic routes


New blog post page


Blog post details


Editing a blog post

Coded using HTML/EJS and JavaScript

HTML and EJS snippet JavaScript snippet

Node.js, Express, MongoDB, MongoDB Atlas,, ejs NPM modules: express, ejs, body-parser, mongoose, method-override, express-sanitizer