TransCanada (in house 2018)

2018 highlighted projects from time as an in house designer with Rileys at TransCanada.

These projects were produced during time as an in-house designer for the TransCanada pipeline company, working from branding guidelines. Care is taken for consistency of grid usage and utilizing corporate colours, themes and styles. Projects shown are both those used internally within the corporation and those for outside use. Depending on department and usage of the resulting project, allowances are made to utilize but expand beyond established brand considerations.

Crafted with InDesign, Illustrator

Creating Opportunity hiring flyer

Project and process icons
Project and process icons
Annual digital review data visualization

Aviation Operations Manual
Booklet & Content Processing

April 2018 – While this project wasn’t the most creatively challenging, it’s challege lay in the setup of the booklet itself. The original document was a 220 page, 60 000+ word, unstyled living word document. After processing, the book was down to 180 pages with increased legibility, navigability and consistency. Through copious use of nested and referenced style, the content properly flows when sections are added and removed, keeping headings, tables and similar materials in their proper relative position. Ample cross referencing allows for inline links to stay updated, even when section numbering and markup changes. The final result was used both in print and digital formats, with the client keeping the content up-to-date more frequently due to substantial improvements to ease of use.